Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bear Show Press on Bushwick BK

Bushwick BK's Paul Cox writes:

"Right here on Flushing we find a delightful piece of repurposed space, ordinarily Leinad After School Center, but for the moment an exhibition called B is for Bear. The curators found this corner property with its brightly painted interior walls through a simple process, explains Jen Galatioto of Ugly Art Room. "I just walked in and asked the guy running the place if we could use it this weekend, and he said, ‘Sure!’" With childish things put away in the back corner, the space is hung with art exploring the imagery of the bear. A hearty tonic to the friendly deer and owls flooding the walls of galleries and craft fairs alike, these bears project a menace that shows through their stuffed-animal familiarity. This is, the curators remind us, 'The Hug That Can Eat You.'" (Martin Esteves wrote that last quotation.) 

Read the full article Beta Spaces: We Do This All the Time

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