Friday, May 6, 2011

Open Call for Artists: Cutters

Call for Artists - Northside Open Studios (June 16-19, 2011)

The Ugly Art Room Presents: Cutters

Deadline: June 1, 2011

As part of NOS, The Ugly Art Room Presents: Cutters

To cut: to penetrate or divide something, as with a sharp-edged instrument; to detach with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument; to separate from the main body.

Cutting is a violent act, but not necessarily a destructive one. Think of it as creative division. The tool designed to cut is not a blender or shredder, but an accurate instrument meant for separating individual parts. The new pieces are now separate and distinct wholes, not waste, ready for new meaning and purpose. More adroit and clearly planned than the idea that “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”, the creative cut is a precision land grab.
This is of course elemental for artistic practice. The editing of the cut was already a decisive expression and now the new parts are ripe for re-use and imaginative application. Art, not being life, allows for the suggestion and narrative of invasive repurpose. In the hypothetical landscape, King Solomon’s two baby halves could very well hop away and start separate lives. The centaur is collage.
Ugly Art Room is asking for artists to submit work for Cutters, a show put on, appropriately, at The Parlour Brooklyn, a hair salon in Greenpoint. The show will include work exploring cutting and re-use. The lively atmosphere of the salon exemplifies the transformitive act of object to new form. Artists should propose work of all suitable media along the theme of severance, re-use.

Opening Reception: 8-10pm, Saturday, June 18, 2011
Location: The Parlour Brooklyn, 72 Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint
Submission Requirements: All original artwork will be considered in the form of photography, film, paintings, sculpture, collage and mixed-media.
Deadline - June 1, 2011
1) An image, website or blog that contains images of the artwork to be reviewed.
3) The subject of the email: “UAR_CUTTERS_2011 - (your name)”
4) Include name of piece, size, medium, price, year.

Special Notes:
Artists keep 70% of sale of artwork.
• Artists must be able to drop off and pick up work to The Parlour Brooklyn at a specified date and time.
• All work is submitted at your own risk.
• Ugly Art Room, Northside Open Studios and The Parlour Brooklyn are not responsible for lost or damaged artwork.

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