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As part of the 2011 Governors Island Art Fair presented by 4 Heads,

Ugly Art Room presents Opening Rejection
Every weekend in September 2011

Friday 11-4pm Sat. & Sun. 11-6pm

As part of Williamsburg Walks and NOS,
Ugly Art Room presents: Opening Rejection
June 18, 2011, 2-8pm
Bedford Ave betw. No. 9th & No. 10th
Brooklyn, NY

"White Box" installation designed and constructed by artist Scott Chasse

Ali Aschman, Elana Adler, Joe Ballweg, Melissa Bartlett, Lisa Bauer, Scott Chasse, Barry Chesser, Erik Dalzen, Kyle R. Garnett, Jackie Hoving, John Kesling, Jac Lahav, Michael Aaron Lee, Michelle Mackey, Allison Maletz, Kate Nielson, Ramón Urenia, Jing Wei

The Ugly Art Room seeks to "challenge the white box gallery tradition by curating exhibits in unique and unusual spaces." As a manifestation of this mission statement, UAR has constructed a 6' x 6' x 6' structure on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. This claustrophobic cube houses the miniature works of 17 artists. Each artist has been given 5" x 5" wood panels pre-drilled with a hole in each. Completed works are bolted to the interior walls of the "gallery" and the public is welcome to enter the cube to be a part of the unsettlingly awkward "opening rejection."

All works were completed on 5x5 inch MDF panel in 2011 and are for sale for $300/$500 for pair.
Sale inquires email or Jen Galatioto at (718) 791-7607

1. Ali Aschman

2. Ali Aschman

3. Elana Adler

4. Elana Adler

5. Joe Ballweg

6. Joe Ballweg

7. Melissa Bartlett

8. Melissa Bartlett

9. Lisa Bauer

10. Lisa Bauer

11. Barry Chesser

12. Barry Chesser

13. Erik Dalzen

14. Erik Dalzen
15.Kyle R. Garnett

16. Kyle R. Garnett

17. Jackie Hoving

18. Jackie Hoving

19. John Kesling

20. John Kesling

21. Jac Lahav

22. Jac Lahav

23. Michael Aaron Lee

24. Michael Aaron Lee

25. Michelle Mackey

26. Michelle Mackey

27. Allison Maletz

28. Allison Maletz

29. Kate Nielsen

30. Kate Nielsen

31. Ramon Urenia

32. Ramon Urenia
33. Jing Wei
34. Jing Wei

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