Friday, November 20, 2015

Paradise Postcard Show Artwork

Artwork for "Paradise" Postcard Show. All works are 4x6" originals, photographs or printed editions.

All artworks are for sale unless noted SOLD or NFS.

To buy, click on the price link and pay via paypal. Email uglyartroom (at) if you would like to pay via check or money order.

Artwork can be mailed anywhere in the USA. $2 S&H will be added to all orders.

Caroline Burghardt (NY)
Untitled, 2015
paper, gouache, tape

Susan Carr (MA)
Untitled, 2015
oil stick and spray paint

Cory Bushman (NY)
Osteology, 2015

Max Gibbons (DC)
ink on paper

Molly Geissman (NM)
do you know where you are sir, 2015
mixed media

Midori Okuyama (NY)
Untitled, Series Enjoy the Experience,2001
chromogenic print

Linda Richmond (OR)
Summer Fun in Corvallis, 2015

Linda Schmidt (NY)
Pluck, 2015
flashe & graphite on mylar

Kris Askew
California State Flag, (2015)
watercolor on paper

Cora Jane Glasser (NY)
Highrise Sunrise, 2015
acrylic, oil & pencil on tyvek with grommets

Brian James (OR)
Lost Lake, 2015
colored pencil

Erika Carlson (OR)
Cosmic Chameleon, 2015
ink and colored pencil

Kathleen Gunton (CA)
Light in Paradise, 2014

Allison Maletz (NY)
Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2015
watecolor on paper

Hye Ryung Na (NY)
I want, 2015
pen on paper

Daniel C. Boyer (NY)
The Faraway Paradise of the Michiginians, 2015
watercolor over pencil and flexible pencil on Arches Paper

horea (CA)
go west young man, 2015
colored pencil on paper

Garret Haley (OR)
Abstract Sunset, 2015
oil pastel on index card

Ashley Howarth (OR)
Sleeping Bobcat, 2015

Andre Pace (AZ)
Female Pregnancy, 2011

Sisavanh Phouthavong (TN)
The Other Day, 2015
Paper/Lazer Print

Zel Brook (OR)
Floral/Blacksmith Shop, 2015
Mateo Mancia (RI)
Yellow Wood, 2015
Cut Paper, Paste
Nicole Agee (CA)
Satellite Mountain II, 2015
acrylic and colored pencil
Eleanor Blair (FL)
Crescent Beach, 2015
oil on panel

Christine Cho (CA)
Highway on Sky, 2014

Abigail Losli (OR)
PNW rain, 2015
watercolor and rain

Andrea Chirieac (NY)
Out on the Open Road, 2015
watercolor, ink, marker on paper

Kyle Cunningham (NM)
Untitled, 2015
pencil, gouache, vellum, intaglio, dry point print, thread

Gudrun Latten (Germany)
Behind the spotlights / My personal Paradise I, 2015

Lucas Paris (OR)
Fishing Spot, 2015
acrylic on paper

Erika Lee Sears (OR)
Breakfast, 2015
oil on paper

Gudrun Latten (Germany)
Behind the spotlights / My personal Paradise, 2015

Makayla Hughes (NY)
Lake Show Dr., 2015
acrylic & watercolor

Gudrun Latten (Germany)
Behind the spotlights / My personal paradise II, 2015

Paper Jam (NY/Australia)
Postal Collaboration, 2015

Iris Benson (OR)
Untitled, 2015

Alisa Vernon (OR)
Serpentine, 2015
intaglio (1/30)

Charles Wilkin (NY)
Untitled, 2012

Charles Wilkin (NY)
Untitled, 2012

Iris Benson (OR)
Crow, 2015

Kirsten Rae Simonsen (HI)
Wish You Were Here, 2015

Beck Berrett (UT)
Sea, 2015
acrylic on paper

Aaron Huss (OR)
Paradise, 2015
digital photography

Ellen Hammill (OR)
Molten Gold, 2015
digital photography

Zeelinda Dissinger (PA)
Visit Zeelinda Land, 2015
digital collage, sculpture

Francisco Morales (OR)
two men, one cauldron, 2015

Jack Compere (OR)
Message to Sarah, under Overpass #112, 2015
pen, ink, pencil on Bristol

Rachel Bartneck (OR)
First Voyage, 2015

Claudia Sbrissa (NY)
Home, 2015
woven security envelope

Sam Matsumura (OR)
Home, 2015
pencil on paper

Mary Garrard (OR)
Self Portrait, 2015

Joey McComish (OR)
Paradise, 2015

Iris Benson (OR)
Old Man Berkeley Rose Garden, 2015

Daniel Deleon (OR)
Paradise in binary, 2015
print paper and ink

Iris Benson (OR)
Kids in Berkelely, 2015

Amanda R. Berry (MI)
Untitled, 2014
Monoprint w/graphite drawing

Jackie Cassidy (NJ)
Nanny, 2015
de-layered cardstock, coffee, GAC-800, archival ink

Kai Loewenstein (OR)
Pride, 2015
ink and colored pencil on cardstock

Kellie Cracker (CA)
Untitled, 2015
mixed media

Diane Deblois (NY)
Under the Stamp, 1903, 2015
PC + Poster Stamp

Gina Hartmann (OR)'s about the journey III, 2015
mixed / encaustic

Andrew Myers (OR)
Another World, 2015
graphite, goauche, colored pencil

Rich Bergman (OR)
Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy, 2015
pigment print ink / digital camera

Gilaine Spoto (MT)
Wondering About Our Western Lands, 2015
Mixed Media

Koa Tom (OR)
Ovulation, 2014
35mm film photography

Claire Harden (OR)
Untitled, 2015

Gudrun Latten (Germany)
Behind the spotlights / My personal Paradise, 2015

Kirsten Kraa (NJ)
My World, 2015

Olivia Braun (OR)
Rainy Day, 2015

Andre Pace (AZ)
Women, 2011

Theresia Lynch (Scotland)
To Mum, 2015
mixed media

Liz Walker (OR)
Paradise with Apple, 2015

Silvia Soares Boyer (NY)
Lady of the Crescent Moon, 2015
acrylic, pen on paper

Kurt Fisk (OR)
Get Together, 2015
markers on paper

Deborah Kapoor (WA)
Heaven (Svarga), 2015
collage, photo transfer, encaustic

Andre Pace (AZ)
Untitled, 2011

Saskia Mick (CO)
Paradise, 2015

Kianna McCurry (OR)
Untitled, 2015

Jean-Marie Guyaux (NY)
NYC 9-11, 2015

Hannah Lamar (NY)
Postcard for Jen's Ugly Art Room, 2015

Rebecca Kinsey (Australia)
New York, I love you and wish you were here (on the road to Lismore...NSW, Australia), 2015
single edition screen print and embroidery thread on paper

Julia Weissman (NY)
Spr14PNW (such rain), 2015

Cecily M. Caceu (OR)
Pardise Found - Oregon Coast, 2014
Collage - Paper

Nancy Pi-Sunyer (NJ)
Paradise is 4 Seasons, 2015
watercolor, gauche, colored pencil, Ink

Natsko McKissack (CA)
Paradise Here, 2015

Tamar Hammer (OR)
Jacob H. Wellsher on the Oregon Trail, 2015
watercolor and pen

Rob Jelinski (NJ)
Brave Wagon, 2015
ink on paper

KB Hart (OR)
Picnic in the Ruins, 2013
photographic document of performance

Rinee Merritt (OR)
I Want to Go There LL, 2015
paper, found objects, thread

Jarrod Houghton (TN)
Pair-D-Dice, 2015
mixed media

Matt Conklin (OR)
Fighter Plane, 2015
pencil on paper

Nathanael Asaro (VT)
Untitled, 2015
Inkjet Print

Nancy Ellen Jones (WA)
Wellesley Dump #1, 2015
archival pigment print

Kris Askew
Stop Light (2015)
watercolor on paper

Barbara Rogoff (CA)
And the sky is not cloudy all day, 2015
multi-media collage

Yulia Lanina (TX)
Bug, 2014
acrylic on paper

Yulia Lanina (TX)
Bird, 2014
acrylic on paper

Andranik Arontiounian & Laurel Lueders (NY)
Welcome to Paradise, 2015
drawing & photography

Diane D'Angelo (NY)
Untitled, 2015

Ellen Felsenthal (WA)
Greetings from Paradise, 2015
digital photography

Marcin Muchalski (NY)
New York Snow, 2015
Digital Photography

Erik Dalzen
Kill Yourself to Get There, 2015
xerox Transfer & watercolor on paper

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