Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finding the perfect space (means wearing rollerblades.)

All perfect things in life come serendipitously.
We needed a space for our Bear Show in Bushwick and while I was killing some time before meeting someone I saw the perfect space, a nursery school with brightly colored walls. I walked in. It was 7pm, no kids remained, but the owner and teacher of the school was just getting off the phone with his son, frustrated because his grades were falling as his facebook usage was growing. He went on a twenty minute rant about it before we introduced ourselves then finally, out of breath he said, "What can I do for you?"
"I want to have an art show here."
I've always been one for perfect timing. He said yes and we had one of our most successful shows, exploring the "hug that eats you," plus a kick-ass party!

Most recently I was looking for a space for a collage show titled All That Remains curated by great friend Charles Wilkin. I called and emailed a million places in Brooklyn. We wanted to parallel the show's theme of the digital revolution's affect on old fashioned cut and paste collage and were looking for an apartment in one of those ugly new modern condo buildings that pop up like zits everywhere. We found the perfect ground level fish bowl on Driggs Ave. It could have been a gallery. After doing some detective work, the owner said we could have it for $7000 for the month! What I almost said was, "Go [expletive] yourself," but I am a professional.
I realized its the face to face magic that works. A few days later, really feeling like I was letting Charles down, I took a different route on my rollerblading tour in hopes of finding a space. I had a feeling it was right around the corner.
Yes, I rollerblade. I know its corny and all of my friends call me gay. But I love gay people and rollerblading and I blade proudly. Plus it's a great ass workout.
While heading down Wythe I looked over to find a gorgeous space called Picture Farm. I rolled in. I gave them my elevator pitch and it happens that the owners were thinking of inviting curators to use the space for art shows. On a daily basis Picture Farm is a photo production house and the owners are supporters of the arts and just really awesome people. Rent free we have the space from October 21-November 19! Please join me for this amazing show we are so proud of! Opening October 21st (338 Wythe Ave) 7-9pm.
There is something to be said about things, maybe not happening for a reason, but just happening at the right time and the right place! Oh and rollerblades always make things better! 

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